Should the American Kettlebell Swing Be Banned From Your Workout

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The traditional kettlebell swing has been a mainstay in the workout regimen of millions of fitness fanatics, especially during covid-era emphasis on working out at home. It promotes strength training as well as a carido vascular workout with the convenience of one piece of equipment. Men’s Health fitness director Ebenezer Samual, C.S.C.S. and Men’s Health advisory board member David Orey argue that one variation of it, the American Kettlebell Swing is not only “over-rated, but can be dangerous, as well.

In the May 20, 2022 article “American Kettlebell Swings Should Not Be Part of Your Workout. Ever.” it is argued that “By adding an unnecessary overhead movement to the traditional kettlebell swing, it’s a shoulder injury waiting to happen. What’s more, the American kettlebell swing reduces one of the best power-generating hip exercises (the standard kettlebell swing) to an ineffective multitude of movements.”

They argue that in executing the exercise the positioning of the shoulder is terrible, the hand positioning is awkward and the momentum magnifies the risk of injury.

Furthermore, author Greg Brookes agrees with there assessment in his article “Is the American Kettlebell Swing Safe?” he explains that there are several problems with the exercise. In addition to issues with the shoulder, he points out that it can contribute to lower back problems, diminish the cardio aspect of the workout and encourages bad form.

If you are a kettlebell enthusiast, you may want to reconsider using the American Kettlebell Swing as part of your workout routine.


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