Dispelling the Glute Myth

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There is only one man named the “Glute-Guy” and his name is Bret Contreras. People come from around the world to train at his San Diego, California gym. He is considered by many to be the world’s expert on glute development. He is also a contrarian as far as what he calls the “Glute Myth,” specifically pointing out that many of the best known exercises for glute development are inferior to exercises that he advocates for.

In his article on the T Nation website, Contreras specifically points out that squats, deadlifts, and lunges have been the most popular exercises among the masses for build strong (and sometimes sexy) glutes. While he believes that these exercises should remain in your arsenal of regular exercises, he believes that adding the group of exercises he lists as essential to glute activation and building. The dozens of exercises are broken up over four phases to gradual activate, then build the glute muscles and can be mixed into a random two-stage workout, bringing a variety of exercises to meet your goals.

Read his in-depth article here: https://www.t-nation.com/training/dispelling-the-glute-myth

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